Digital and Green Future with Cert-Trace®

Our Vision

Paperless future

How can Cert-trace® Make a Paper less Future?

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Topics discussed in the PDF

  • Cert-Trace® Providing the Digital Solution Against the Status Quo of Supply chain
  • One QR Code and the Data is at your disposal
  • How Simple and Easy Cert-Trace® is to Use
  • How Costly Paper Documentation Can Really Be
  • And More…….

To Keep Your Valuable Data Safe and Out of Unauthorized Hands

Standards Cert-Trace® Follows

These standards were initially developed for the demanding aviation sector, but businesses from various sectors can greatly benefit from adopting a platform that follows these rigorous criteria:

  • DIN SPEC 9012: Streamlines documentation, enhances security, and facilitates compliance. 
  • EN 9300: Ensures secure data storage and easy retrieval of technical product documentation. 
  • SAE G31: Provides secure, efficient electronic transactions and interoperability. 
  • FAA 8130-3: Enables effective change management, minimizing risk, and enhancing traceability.

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How Cert-trace® Is Turning Dead Data Into Knowledge

This would help

    • To achieve De-Carbonization Goal Sooner


    • By making sense of the past data we can create more efficient solutions for the present & the future.

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Chief Executive Officer

Bill Holler

He is not only the founder of TraCert but also has founded Industrio GmbH In Germany which has become ALA Germany GmbH from beginning 2020.

Having studied mechanical engineering Bill Holler has had management roles within the aerospace and fastener industries throughout his career.
After being elected Chairman of DIN (NL) – German Institute for Aerospace Standardization, Bill Holler very successfully has shaped the international status of the European aerospace norms. He held this position at the DIN and at ASD-STAN for the past 16 years.

Bill has a strong professional background in aerospace fasteners and other standard hardware products through his experience as CEO of former SMI manufacturing plant and many successful years as aerospace business consultant.


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Contact Us


Ahtri 12, 10151 Tallinn

+49 175 7259859

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