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Chief Software Architect

Dr. Rainer Casdorff

After his many years in the Airbus Group where he held the position of Chief Architect Cabin and Cargo, Dr. Casdorff joined TraCert OÜ to support the development of Cert-Trace®. He is the Chairman of the German Aerospace Standardization DIN NL and teacher at the ZAL Institute (Institute for aerospace science), Hamburg.
Chief Executive Officer
Bill Holler

After 35+ years in the Aviation Industry Bill Holler founded TraCert OÜ to revolutionize documentation, archiving and sharing.

Having studied mechanical engineering Bill Holler has had management roles within the aerospace and fastener industries throughout his career. After being elected Chairman of DIN (NL) – German Institute for Aerospace Standardization, Bill Holler very successfully has shaped the international status of the European aerospace norms. He held this position at the DIN and at ASD-STAN for 16 years.

Bill has a strong professional background in aerospace fasteners and other standard hardware products through his experience as CEO of former SMI manufacturing plant and many successful years as aerospace business consultant.