Slash Document Costs & Boost Security For Your Business Today and much more

Discover the game-changing document management solution that can save you time, money, and help protect your sensitive information As we all know, in today’s fast-paced and competitive business world, finding innovative ways to save time, money, and maintain a high level of security is absolutely crucial for success. That’s why we’ve created Cert-Trace®, a groundbreaking […]

Leveraging Aerospace Standards: How Cert-Trace® Benefits Businesses Across Industries

In today’s digital era, businesses need reliable, efficient, and secure document management systems to stay ahead of the competition. The revolutionary Cert-Trace® platform offers unparalleled security and compliance, taking document archiving and digitization to the next level. By leveraging blockchain technology and aerospace standards, Cert-Trace® is the ultimate solution for businesses of all sizes. In […]

How Cert-Trace® Can Benefit Small Businesses

Small businesses often struggle with managing their documentation, as they don’t have the same resources as larger companies to invest in document management systems. However, Cert-Trace® is a revolutionary document archiving and digitization platform that can help small businesses save money, improve efficiency, and enhance security. Here are some of the benefits of using Cert-Trace® […]

Cert-Trace®: The Solution to Costly Paper Documentation for Businesses

Did you know that paper documentation can cost businesses millions every year? From the cost of paper and ink to the time spent filing and retrieving documents, paper documentation can be a significant expense for businesses of all sizes. However, with the advent of blockchain powered digital document archiving solutions like Cert-Trace®, businesses can potentially […]

Cert-Trace® – Promoting Sustainability through Digital Document Management

In today’s fast-paced world, digitization is becoming a necessity in every industry. The increasing amount of paper documentation has a significant impact on the environment, and the need for sustainable document management solutions is more pressing than ever. Cert-Trace® is a green blockchain-powered document digitization and archiving solution that promotes sustainability through efficient and paperless […]

Dummies Guide to Blockchain

What is Blockchain Technology? Blockchain technology is a highly secure and transparent system that has gained immense popularity due to its potential applications in various fields, such as finance, healthcare, and logistics. The technology is based on five key concepts that are crucial for its functioning: cryptographic hash, immutable ledger, peer-to-peer network, consensus protocol, and […]

Introducing the Next Generation DRM Solution: A Blockchain-Powered DRM Service

We Are Proud to Announce the Launch of Our Latest Product GuarDoc: A cutting-edge DRM solution that leverages the power of blockchain technology to provide unparalleled security for PDF Documents. With GuarDoc, quality certificate sellers, or anybody can keep their PDF Documents protected from unauthorized use, piracy, and other forms of online theft. But Can […]

The Power of Blockchain (2023): A Technology That’s Transforming Industries

The Power of Blockchain: A Technology That’s Transforming Industries The Power of Blockchain, a technology that’s transforming industries in recent years, with its potential to revolutionize a range of industries and transform the way businesses operate. At its core, blockchain is a digital ledger that records transactions in a secure and transparent manner. Each block contains […]

What is Cert-Trace®

Cert-Trace® is green blockchain powered document digitization, archiving solution that allows you the user to archive your documents at any place anywhere at any time, replacing the age old method of paper documentation. And it is simple! How’s Cert-Trace® simple to use? For manual document archiving, it can be done in 3 simple steps. First […]