Dummies Guide to Blockchain

What is Blockchain Technology? A blockchain is a shared electronic ledger, spread across a network of computers, which stores information in digital form. It functions as a decentralized database.Blockchain technology enables secure and transparent record-keeping through its decentralized, unchanging ledger system. Learn why companies around the globe are embracing it as a solution for transactions, […]

Introducing the Next Generation DRM Solution: A Blockchain-Powered DRM Service

We Are Proud to Announce the Launch of Our Latest Product GuarDoc: A cutting-edge DRM solution that leverages the power of blockchain technology to provide unparalleled security for PDF Documents. With GuarDoc, quality certificate sellers, or anybody can keep their PDF Documents protected from unauthorized use, piracy, and other forms of online theft. But Can […]

The Power of Blockchain (2023): A Technology That’s Transforming Industries

The Power of Blockchain: A Technology That’s Transforming Industries Blockchain technology has been making headlines in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. This innovative technology has the potential to transform a wide range of industries and revolutionize the way we do business. But what is blockchain, and how does it work? In its […]

What is Cert-Trace®

Cert-Trace® is green blockchain powered document digitization, archiving solution that allows you the user to archive your documents at any place anywhere at any time, replacing the age old method of paper documentation. And it is simple! How’s Cert-Trace® simple to use? For manual document archiving, it can be done in 3 simple steps.  First […]