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The idea for Cert-Trace® originally came from the aviation industry, where paper based document management system is still used around the world today along the entire supply chain.

The goal was to develop an application that would make this obsolete while enabling higher security standards.

With Cert-Trace®, a highly secure platform that provides, blockchain powered document management system and a simple yet effective way of digitization, archiving and sharing your important documents, we have achieved this brilliantly.

What Types Of Files Are Compatible?

Virtually any file format can be archived to Cert-Trace®

It doesn’t matter if it is PDF, Word, Excel, Audio, Video, WinRar, Jpeg, Business document or a simple folder, any file or file format can be archived to Cert-Trace®, file management and accessed anytime, anywhere globally.

And Whats Even Better!

Cert-Trace® is completely browser based

Which allows you the user to access your documents from anywhere and on any device. Because of that Cert-Trace® is very easy to use as users don’t have to install any extra app to enjoy the benefits of Blockchain based documentation.

How Cert-Trace® Works For You?

Upload your docs to Cert-Trace®

You can upload any file format via the Cert-Trace® document management app. And make documents digital. All you need is an internet connection and your end device, for example your tablet or smartphone.

Receive the QR code

With just a few clicks you generate an individual QR code that leads back to the files in an audit-proof manner. The QR code is the key to your documents. You can keep it for yourself or pass it on to others.

Access the docs from anywhere & anytime

Once the the documents are uploaded and you have received the QR Code. You basically have transcended the plain of paper documentation and have entered a new era of documentation.

Cert-Trace® Offers

Maximum Security

Your data are archived long-term and safely in the world’s most secure cloud. This gives you the advantage of sustainable archiving, and file management service, while still having full access to your data at all times. No one but you can access this data unless you share your QR code. No one can change your data, including you. Via our special reen Blockchain technology, your data is absolutely tamper-proof and audit-proof.

Cost Saving

You can store or share your documents securely for the long term without ever having to print them on paper. Long-term archiving and file management involves considerable effort when the deadlines for secure archiving are 10 or more years. Save the effort, energy and cost of having your own archive and help conserve our natural resources.


The security and integrity of digital data is our highest priority. For this we use a special blockchain technology. This Green Blockchain technology from TraCert is very energy-efficient and still offers full data security of document process.

Data Security Is Our Top Priority

Archive and share documents in an audit-proof manner

Data in good hands

Data security has our top priority. Access to your data is only granted to those who have both the QR code and reader rights.

  • Long-term archiving is one of the most important features of Cert-Trace®. And it ensures that even after long archiving periods, your data can be restored in an audit-proof manner.
  • Cert-Trace® is compatible with the Aerospace Standard EN9300 series “LOTAR” (Long Time Archiving and Retrieval) standards. 

Cert-Trace® archives data securely audit-

We fulfill all requirements of auditability and thus help you to optimize your business processes and you have complete document control.

DIN SPEC 9102 & EN 9300 LOTAR for

Cert-Trace® is developed to meet the requirements for aerospace documentation, which is one of the most stringent requirements for secure documentation worldwide.

We trust only the most secure Cloud Servers

From the ground up, the core infrastructure meets the security needs of military installations, governments, global banks, and other organizations – those for whom security is of the utmost importance.

More about Cert-Trace

Cert-Trace® Uses
Green Blockchain

Because We Care About The Environment

  • With Cert-Trace® we have come up with an innovative way to use blockchain.
  • Which allows us to use fraction of the energy used by contemporary blockchain.
  • Thus making us efficient and environment friendly at the same time. 

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Because We Care About The Environment


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