Frequently Asked Questions about Cert-Trace®

Getting Started

What is the primary purpose of Cert-Trace®?

What is the primary purpose of Cert-Trace®?
Cert-Trace® aims to digitize, share, and archive documents securely, ensuring easy access and collaboration.

Primarily created for the Aerospace industry, Cert-Trace® will be an innovative solution for sectors as varied as Healthcare, Finance, Gas, Oil, Energy, Retail, Automotive, Logistics and Manufacturing industries, giving reliable and secure document management service for decades.

Is there a step-by-step guide of using the Cert-Trace®?
It’s simple to start using Cert-Trace® with the Instruction Manual, which we can send by request.

What do I need to start using Cert-Trace®?

Cert-Trace® is a completely browser based solution that allows you access on any device from everywhere! You don’t have to install any extra apps!

Is my data secure?

Absolutely! Cert-Trace® is compatible with the Aerospace Standard EN9300 series “LOTAR” (Long Time Archiving and Retrieval) standards. 

Our solution is developed to meet the requirements for aerospace documentation, which is one of the most stringent requirements for secure documentation worldwide.
Using the Solution

What file formats are supported and what maximum file volume can I download?

Cert-Trace supports all existing file formats from PDF, Word, Excel, Audio, Video, WinRar, Jpeg to Business document and folders!

How do I digitize a document?

Use your phone camera to scan documents or upload digital files directly to Cert-Trace®.

Is there a time limit for archived documents?

No, your documents will remain archived as long as your account is active and beyond. But your accessibility will be guaranteed as long as your account is active.

Can I access my documents offline?

No, you need an internet connection to use Cert-Trace®.

Can I integrate Cert-Trace® with other software?

Yes, the technology used allows integration into almost any IT environment.

How do I share documents with others?

You can share documents by providing access through sharing your individual QR-code to others.

How does the archiving feature work?

Archiving allows you to store documents securely with easy retrieval options at any time.

Can I edit the documents online?

No. This is a major security feature as your documents are protected by green-blockchain technology, making them revision-proof. 

Can multiple users collaborate on a single document?

Yes, however it is limited to read-only function. Cert-Trace®  allows real-time accessibility for multiple users and you can provide access to an unlimited number of users.

Pricing & Billing

What are the pricing options available?

After installation the costs are calculated on a transaction basis. Individual billing plans are provided depending on monthly usage.

How is billing handled?

Monthly automated billing.

Can I change my subscription plan?

Yes, if monthly usage changes, billing plans can be modified.
Do you offer a free trial?
Yes we do
Privacy and Security

Who has access to my documents?

Only users granted permission by you can access your documents. Anyone outside or inside, including our staff, cannot access your documents. They are fully private.

What is your data retention policy?

Please refer to our Data Retention Policy in the Privacy Policy section on our website.
Technical Support

What do I do if I encounter a technical issue or I have a question?

Сontact our support team via the “Contact us” page. We will reply quickly.

Is 24/7 support available?

Yes, but it depends on the service plan that our customers have with us.