Leveraging Aerospace Standards: How Cert-Trace® Benefits Businesses Across Industries

Cert-Trace® adheres to stringent aerospace standards, including DIN SPEC 9012, EN 9300, SAE G31, and FAA 8130-3, demonstrating its commitment to providing exceptional security, compliance, and reliability for businesses across industries.

While these standards were initially developed for the demanding aviation sector, businesses from various sectors can greatly benefit from adopting a platform that follows these rigorous criteria.

In this article, we’ll explore how Cert-Trace® leverages these specific standards to offer enhanced security, improved efficiency, and seamless integration for businesses outside the aerospace industry, and how they can help businesses in their daily operations.

1. DIN SPEC 9012: Digital Certificate of Conformity (e-CoC)

  • Streamlined documentation and certification processes: By utilizing the e-CoC standard, businesses can digitize their documentation and certification processes, reducing the reliance on paper documents and improving overall efficiency.

  • Enhanced security: DIN SPEC 9012 ensures that digital certificates are securely managed, stored, and shared, providing businesses with the confidence that their critical documents are well-protected.

  • Facilitates compliance: Following this standard simplifies compliance with industry regulations and legal requirements, helping businesses avoid potential penalties and maintain their reputation.

2. EN 9300: Long-Term Archiving and Retrieval of Technical Product Documentation

  • Secure data storage: This standard provides guidelines for securely storing and retrieving technical product documentation, ensuring data integrity and security.

  • Easy retrieval: By adhering to EN 9300, businesses can efficiently retrieve archived documents when needed, streamlining processes and improving productivity.

  • Cost-effective archiving: Implementing this standard can result in significant cost savings by reducing the need for physical storage space and minimizing document loss or damage.

3. SAE G31: Electronic Transactions for Aerospace

  • Secure electronic transactions: By following the best practices established in SAE G31, businesses can ensure secure, reliable, and efficient electronic transactions.

  • Improved efficiency: This standard enables businesses to streamline their electronic transactions and communications, reducing the potential for errors and enhancing overall productivity.

  • Interoperability: SAE G31 promotes seamless communication between systems and organizations, making it easier for businesses to collaborate and exchange information.

4. FAA 8130-3: Change Order Compliance

  • Effective change management: Adhering to FAA 8130-3 ensures businesses have a secure, efficient, and reliable framework for managing changes to their products or processes.

  • Minimized risk: Following this standard helps businesses minimize the risk of errors, miscommunications, and non-compliance during change management.

  • Enhanced traceability: FAA 8130-3 promotes transparency and traceability in change management, making it easier for businesses to track changes and maintain an audit trail.

Where Blockchain can be Utilized

1. Financial services: Many financial institutions are exploring the use of blockchain for a variety of applications, such as reducing transaction fees, improving the speed of settlements, and increasing the security of financial transactions. 

2. Healthcare: Blockchain can be used to securely store and manage electronic medical records, making it easier for healthcare providers to access and share patient information. This can improve the efficiency and accuracy of healthcare delivery. 

3. Real estate: Blockchain can be used to streamline the process of buying and selling real estate by securely storing and managing property records. 

4. Government: Governments around the world are exploring the use of blockchain for a variety of applications, such as creating secure voting systems and improving the efficiency of public services. 


By following aerospace standards such as DIN SPEC 9012, EN 9300, SAE G31, and FAA 8130-3, Cert-Trace® provides a highly secure and reliable document management solution for businesses across various industries. These standards, originally developed to address the unique challenges of the aviation sector, offer businesses outside of aerospace the opportunity to leverage the enhanced security, improved efficiency, and seamless integration they provide.

As a result, Cert-Trace® is an ideal document management solution for organizations seeking to optimize their processes, safeguard their valuable information assets, and streamline daily operations, regardless of their industry.

And Cert-Trace® is Making Documentation Easy for Businesses

Cert-Trace® is green blockchain powered document digitization, archiving solution that allows you the user to archive your documents at any place anywhere at any time, replacing the age old method of paper documentation.

Want to know more about Cert-Trace® and how it is making documentation easy for businesses read this.

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