Ways Cert-trace® Can Benefit Small And Medium Businesses
Should you be storing your documents in the cloud? Check out all of the Cert-trace® benefits for small and medium businesses, from saving money to improving security.
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Running a small or medium-sized business means needing to be on top of everything because you might not have the money or personnel to delegate important tasks. This can include managing your documentation, which can often feel like a low-priority job, but can lead to big issues further down the line if ignored.

This is why you need to consider how Cert-trace® benefits for small and medium businesses could help you avoid paperwork headaches. What kind of problems are we talking about? 

Your documentation is essential for legal purposes, tax reporting, compliance and regulatory requirements, payroll and employee records, contracts, insurance, business policies and much more. Losing or simply not being able to find something important related to any of these could lead to real trouble.

Where to safely and efficiently store all this documentation is a question many small and medium-sized businesses have faced and the best solution is to use a cloud-based solution, like Cert-Trace®

Here’s why…

Cert-trace® benefits for small and medium businesses

Cert-trace® benefits for small and medium businesses

There are many Cert-trace® benefits for small and medium businesses so here are some of the main ways that a cloud-based solution for your document digitization needs.

1. Improved efficiency

One of the main cloud-based storage benefits is the efficiency that it brings to how your business stores and uses its documents. Instead of having them filed away on paper in a spare room or warehouse, they are accessible to the right people whenever they need them in the cloud.

You can digitize all of your existing documents and archive those that need to be kept safe while also making them much easier to access than in physical form, with Cert-Trace® able to be used from a web browser and linked to an ERP system for automated operations. 

Streamlining operations using cloud storage in this way can help reduce errors, improve turnaround times and enhance customer service, amongst other efficiencies. This means a lot of time can be saved that can be used for more important tasks, saving you money in the process, and which small or medium-sized business can say that wouldn’t be helpful?

2. Enhanced security

Security is a crucial element of document archiving. Wherever you are storing your most important documentation and paperwork, you need to know that your company’s legal, financial and personal information is secure. 

One concern many businesses can have about a cloud-based solution is that this sensitive documentation can be accessed by hackers, causing embarrassment and potentially damaging consequences.

This is equally possible with paper documentation of course, which is also at risk of being lost or damaged.

However, with Cert-Trace®, small businesses can leverage safe and secure blockchain technology to create a highly protected environment for archiving and sharing documents while enjoying the benefits of cloud storage.

Blockchain technology provides a decentralized and tamper-proof system, making it virtually impossible for anyone to alter or access documents without proper authorization. Each block has it’s own hash, along with the hash of the previous block and a timestamp, so there’s complete transparency and you can trust that your documentation is safe.

It’s also much more difficult to hack into the data contained in a blockchain because of the networked nature of the storage, which means that the hacker need to simultaneously control and alter more than 51% of the copies of the blockchain, which would require an immense amount of money and resources.

Cert-Trace® also allows you to set up access controls for document sharing, so that only authorized individuals can access your documents. This helps prevent unauthorized access and ensures that your documents are secure.

Interested in digitizing, storage and sharing your file? Learn more about Cert-Trace! Contact us

3. Cost savings

Every little bit of expenditure counts when you’re a small or medium-sized business and storage can be a costly challenge, especially when you stick with the traditional paper-based methods of storing your important documents. A cloud-based solution can help you save in the following ways.

With Cert-Trace®, small businesses can potentially save up to 90% of the costs associated with paper documentation. By reducing paper usage, you can save money on paper, ink, printers, copiers and of course the physical storage space required to keep them safe. Depending on the size and age of your business, these could be big cost savings.

You can also reduce labor costs associated with these manual document management processes by automating them, allowing you to re-allocate those costs somewhere they can be used more effectively. 

4. Easier compliance

Compliance can be a real headache for businesses of any size, and paper-based documentation can add to those. With Cert-Trace® and its cloud-based solution, small businesses can meet regulatory compliance requirements easily, as the platform follows stringent aerospace standards.

By following these standards, we have made sure that you can rest assured that your documents are stored in full compliance.

The standards that we follow are: DIN SPEC 9012 Digital Certificate of Conformity (e-CoC), EN 9300 Long Term Archiving and Retrieval of technical product documentation, and SAE G31 Electronic Transactions for Aerospace FAA 8130-3/actual Change Order. 

These standards ensure that your documents are safe and secure, and that they meet the highest standards for documentation in the aerospace industry.

And because Cert-Trace® can help your business comply with regulations and standards, you can reduce any compliance costs associated with manual document management processes.

This includes avoiding fines and penalties that can be imposed for documents that are not properly stored and accessible.


In this blog post we’ve covered some of the benefits available if you switch from paper-based documentation storage to Cert-Trace®.

You can save money, you can know that your data is archived long-term and safely in the world’s most secure cloud, you can enjoy a more efficient and cohesive system of sharing and storing your important documents and be safe in the knowledge that you’re getting help with regulatory compliance issues.

So why not find out more about how automating your document storage and archiving can help your business move to the next level? Get in touch with our team today at info@tracert.digital

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